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Run by me (Mike Weideli) the business has been supplying and supporting Recorder since Recorder 2000 was first launched. I have supplied over 300 copies of the package and have undertaken support  work for a number of individuals,  LRC' s and societies.


I started the business  having taken early retirement from a national organisation where I was the IT Manager for the retail arm of the business.  


Recorder 6 uses Microsoft SQL Server as its underlying database.  I can support this  in various ways, including through MS Access projects and Transact SQL.  I am an experienced user of SQL having worked over the years with a number of SQL based systems.  After over 5 years of working with the Recorder 6 data structure I  consider myself an expert in managing and manipulating it.       


I run my own survey of West Berkshire molluscs and I am using Recorder o hold this data.  I have first hand experience of the needs of data recorders through the voluntary support of local organisations.  


Recorder now forms the major part of my business, but I still support a local employment agency and do occasional work on other business systems.

Weideli is a Swiss name,  from my grandfather who came to  London early in the 20th Century. It means small pasture or little field, hence the name of the business.

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