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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the networked and  standalone version. There is no difference in functionality. In fact the networked version can be installed  on a standalone machine. The standalone version has been designed to install as easily as possible. The networked edition offers more options.


Is Recorder too complicated for a ‘small’ user. No Recorder can be used for just a few records.

I have heard that Recorder is very complicated. Recorder is a very versatile system, which can make it seem complicated. Once set up it is easy to use.  It can adapt to meet your future  requirements  unlike some other systems.

Does it work under Vista and windows 7, 8 . Yes. Version after 6.17 will  install  under these operating systems. With Windows 8 you need to adapt the process slightly.

OS map tiles can I get these and how many can I load.  Order the CD’s from the NBN. Ask for an order form. The CD’s cover the whole country and costs around £15.00.  Memory restrictions mean that you will only be able to load about 40 tiles.

I hear that there are lots of bugs in Recorder. There are some, but not that many. It is probably no worse that most complex software in this respect.  


What about upgrades . These will be on the Recorder web site (see links). There will be updates to both the Dictionary and application from time to time.  Upgrades are free.


Error Messages

Always  try what you were dong again as it will often work second time. Report any problems yiu do come across on the Forum (see links)


Windows 10. Not known as this point in time.