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Recorder 6.
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Recorder 6  Version 6.23

01635 820904

Recorder - customised for your needs

Let us know what you want to use Recorder for.  In particular which species do you record. Do you record abundance or other additional information about the species.  If so let us know and we will set Recorder up for you.  We can also provide in built reports customised for your needs. Please contact us to talk about your needs. 01635 82904 or


We are now supplying  version 6.23  (the latest version) of  Recorder 6 and recommend that this version is installed.  Version 6.23 incorporates a number of new features which enhance the product.  The cost is only £30.00 (VAT inclusive and post and packing free) for either a standalone or network version on a DVD.


A downloaded version is available at a reduced cost of £15.00. In this case the appropriate documentation will be provided by email.  

Substantial discount on multiple copies.


We will be pleased to supply Recorder with an invoice.  No need to pay in advance. We do not accept Credit cards. Also note that we are not VAT registered.  



Post and packing free.   

Recorder does not come with any support, but we believe in the software and want our users to get the best from it so we  will be pleased to offer advice and assistance at our discretion on installation and other aspects of setting up the software. Ongoing support is available from us at our normal hourly rate.  Please enquire.  

To order phone or email us with your name and address. We need to know if you want a standalone or network version, and how you want R6 supplied We will supply the software with an invoice. It will also help to know which operating system you  are using. If you are unsure about your needs please phone.