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Recorder 6.
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XML reports and the report Wizard produce output in rows and columns (like spreadsheet). These can be printed or exported in

various formats.


Recorder has an inbuilt report Wizard which will produce reports from the main tables. It also comes with a reporting system (XML reports) which can be used to report on all tables in the database. You can adapt the existing XML reports or write your own.     

Our free guide to writing  XML reports is available to download at www/


Customised Reports

We are experts in producing XML reports. If you have difficulty in getting the report you need please ask for a quote.  Prices from £20.00

Ready To Go Recorder.
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A number of our Customers export their data  for use in GIS systems, where they undertake all their reporting. Other customers use direct links with MSAccess to automatically produce formatted reports ready to be sent out. We are able to offer help and advice with these and other approaches to  using the Recorder data. Our experience in systems analysis and design enables us advise on approaches  which are efficient to run and easy to maintain.  Please enquire.     

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