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Customised Input Forms

We develop addons written in MS Access which write directly to the Recorder 6 database and allow complex input forms to be developed. These can help to speed up keying in data and add validation. These are easy to maintain to meet changing requirements and can be supplied with a run time library so that MS Access does not have to be installed.

We have already developed several of this type of application and you will only be charged for additional work which your application requires.


Recorder has a built in Recording Card which is useful for most standard input.  These cards can to some extent be customised. Complex data can also input directly into the built into the main Observation hierarchy.  If you buy Recorder 6 from us we will be happy to offer advice and guidance on setting up your recording card.


There are also options for validating or manipulating data after it has been input. Please talk to us if the standard card is not meeting your requirements..






Input  of Data
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Recorder  does allow addin modules to be developed. Unlike the addons we produce they run from within Recorder and are fully integrated with the product. This does have its advantages, but they are much more expensive to develop and maintain. We suggest you contact Dorset Software if you are interested in an addin.