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Littlefield Consultancy works with Sally Rankin to transfer data from Recorder 3.3. to Recorder 6. This is a complex process and the standard software provided with Recorder 6, does not handle all  aspects  of the  transfer properly.


Please contact Sally if you would like to know more.

01491 578633


Changing Data

Littlefield Consultancy is  a JNCC Authorised Recorder Expert. We are bound by our contract with JNCC not to make changes  to the database which can not be made through the standard interface

Recorder has an import wizard which can import data from Excel other files providing they are in an acceptable format.  Not all fields can be imported and the process can be time consuming for large datasets. We can import the data for you from any files as long as they can be accessed.  Please ask for a quote.



Data transferred from Recorder 3.3. or other systems has often been built up over many years. Also modern system like Recorder 6 can process data in a different way, so that some reorganisation can  bring improvement. We will be happy to talk to  talk to  you about your needs.

Tidying the database